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Community Cancer Center

Who We Are

We believe that the Center's involvement in the community does not reside solely with the delivery of radiation therapy, but touches on all aspects of cancer prevention, awareness, education, and treatment. Therefore, the Community Cancer Center supports cancer awareness by participation in health fairs and sponsoring many cancer related events. Our spacious conference rooms are utilized by CCC and other organizations in order to provide educational and meeting opportunities for health care providers and the general public.

What We Do

The Community Cancer Center (CCC) is a private, charitable, non-profit, community-owned and operated cancer treatment facility. We are unique. We have no governmental, political, or religious affiliations, and are completely independent of any other hospital or medical organization. We operate without the assistance of tax dollars, sustaining our operations primarily through reimbursements for medical services and donations. This independence allows the Center the freedom to operate solely for the benefit of our community, without regard to outside influences.


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