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Foster Grandparent Volunteer

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To assist children with either exceptional or special needs in achieving improved physical, mental, emotional, and social development thereby helping them to reach social, behavioral, developmental, and educational goals.  And assist low-income persons aged 55 and over in remaining physically and mentally active while enhancing their self-esteem through continued participation in needed community service.

Under professional supervision, Foster Grandparents serve children in public, state, private, and alternative schools; children in Head Start centers, day care centers, pre-school, children with special or exceptional needs; local non-profit organizations; abused or neglected children; institutionalized children. Illustrative examples of appropriate Foster Grandparent activities to assist children with special or exceptional needs include:

  • Tutoring children with literacy, English, language, Math, and other educational learning needs.
  • Assist children with the development of social and emotional skills.
  • Providing children in public, state, or private schools; Head Start centers; or day care centers with emotional support and assistance in developing basic learning skills.


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